Terms & Conditions


Bottle Fed Babies

  • Bottle fed babies will be handled by humans and only few are selectively bottle fed. New owners, buyers, will know the state of bottle feeding before a  non refundable retainer is made. Kids will be disbudded, possibly tattooed (at buyers request), registered (if applicable) OR comes with registration paperwork to be  completed. Kids on bottle do not get CDT vaccines until 60 days old. Bottle kids are started on colostrum and fed whole cows milk by the time they are ready for their new home. 

  • Buyers understand the potential work and risks of raising  bottle babies. Buyers  are responsible for ALL care at their own expense and methods chosen. 

  • We recommend kids start coccidiosis prevention at 3 weeks and continue it throughout the year, dosing kids every 3 weeks. Older kids (30 days +) and goats  need to be dewormed with a broad spectrum dewormer when introduced to their new home (unless for immediate consumption).

  • All animals are sold with an outward appearance of being vibrant and healthy. If there are any problems, buyers have 24 hours to contact the buyer, all of other health matters need to be addressed immediately by your vet.


We do not accept reservations, only non refundable retainers for the amount of 50% of the animal(s) selected. The buyer has a maximum number of 10 days to pick up the goat after the retainer is put down. It is the responsibility of the buyer that the buyer coordinates a reasonable time of pickup with the seller. There are few exceptions to the maximum 10 day hold. Exceptions include: prior notice of buyer emergency  i.e. family emergency, prior notice that is accepted via recorded  sources, confirming the reason by the seller. Exceptions also included: seller extends the 10 day hold due to disclosed or non disclosed reasons, emergencies of any kind. In this case that the seller must  extend the 10 day hold, the seller will contact the buyer and no penalty/retainer forfeiture will be ensued. If the seller does not hear from or have any further  advances from the buyer about completing the purchase of the goat, via  recorded sources such as email or cellular text message, then the retainer of buyer is forfeited. The rest of the amount is due upon pick up.

Retainers can be made via PayPal or in person. Cash only no checks or credit cards.

Right of Refusal

Seller has the right to refuse the sale of animals to any persons for any reasons. Seller has the right to deny or refuse persons from entering property at any time if seller sees that it poses a security risk. 


We accept Paypal or Cash payments . 

Hold Fees

If buyer extends past the 10 day hold, either 2 things can happen. Either the retainer is forfeited (risk of loss and board) or we charge $2/day per animal held. Amount is due upon pick up.

All Sales are Final

All sales are final. We do not take back animals  or refund due to the bio-security measures that we take. Before buyers make any addition to their farm, buyers must contemplate the risks, costs, complications, and responsibilities of any new animal.



Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

You are required to put down a 50% retainer of animal desired for hold. Read terms and conditions before submitting retainer.