Frequently Asked Questions


Purchasing Goats- PayPal

Thank you for your interest. After you look through the pedigree and photos of  the goat you are interested in, there is an email address provided in  the CONTACT US section. We will direct you a PayPal link to use after consultation with us to put down a deposit.

We use Paypal because we find the service easy to use. They have credit cards which you can link on there. There is a small fee when using PayPal. 

On buying goats, there will be two prices, in cash price or PayPal. We DO NOT RECEIVE CHECKS. We have the right to refuse sale of my animals without reason- *see TERMS & CONDITIONS page for more information*.

If you want to buy a goat, a NONREFUNDABLE deposit of 50% is required to hold the goat for a maximum of 10 days of  transaction date. There are a few exceptions to this. For more details, refer to the TERMS & CONDITIONS page. ​This page is provided to go more into detail of some common questions. 

Outside Services

We do not allow outside services of goats such as leasing in or leasing out for any reason.

We also do not lend goats out for the public to borrow for any activities such as parties, brush clearing etc. 

Milk Products for Sale

We do not sell edible milk products for human consumption. Check the PRODUCTS FOR SALE page to look at our goat milk soaps and lotions for sale. We have new batches coming out- so keep posted.

Goats for Human Consumption

As much as we love all of our goats, we know this is a legitimate question so here is a simple answer: 

Certain wethers will be for sale upon the discretion of the buyer. The price is reflected upon size and quality of the animal. ​ We do not sell does or does in in milk for consumption.

What We Feed Our Goats

Our philosophy of feeding goats is to feed your goats the most natural feed  but to enhance the bio-diversity of the gut. A lot of research has gone into our regimen and factors include both environment and the intense Southeast Texas weather.

The goats are fed a mix of: Noble Goat Feed by Purina OR Producers Pride or Producers Pride Sweetened Livestock feed or (kids get Medicated Goat Feed), BOSS, dried/unsweetened beet pulp shreds, alfalfa pellets, and minimal amounts seeds such as corn. 

Supplements include ammonium chloride and goat minerals and copper boluses 1-2 times a year as needed. Free choice baking soda provided.  Bahia hay, alfalfa hay, and costal/burmuda pasture made available.

Visiting the Ranch

No one is allowed to visit the farm freely unless we are holding public viewing days that are posted. The only ones allowed to come visit are those with appointments  such as serious buyers and/or those who are picking up their purchased goats.