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Welcome to Royal Caliber Ranch LLC


About Us

Welcome to Royal Caliber Ranch

We are located just in Waller, Texas 45 miles west of downtown Houston on a small, quaint farm.

We breed registered Nigerian dwarf goats and Anglo-Nubian goats.

Royal Caliber Ranch Founding



Royal Caliber Ranch LLC is the home of the herd LS Mirukuyagi. ​      

We have been raising diverse breeds of goats for nearly 20 years. We are passionate about our goats. Goats are wonderful animals. Not only do they provide companionship, but they provide several other goods like milk, meat, and even hair (mohair and cashmere). We love our goats and want others to feel the same when you decide to add on to your herd. 


Our goats

We breed and raise registered Nigerian dwarf goats and purebred/American Nubian goats. The Nigerian dwarfs make the highest butterfat quantity found in goats milk. This makes the milk sweet, creamy, and delicious.


Bottle Babies

We work with all of the bottle baby goats so that they are docile and friendly. Bottle babies are selectively chosen and with the intention to become human bonded for pets, therapy goats, or milking goats. Our goats are registered with  ADGA or AGS. 

Kids will be disbudded, have CDT if applicable (first shot OR with with second), have had coccidiosis prevention, and dewormed (if needed).  

Animal Assisted Therapy


What is an animal assisted therapy goat?

An animal assisted therapy goat (AAT) is like another therapy animal. The goat is trained to provide companionship, comfort, and affection to people. Therapy goats are not required to be certified but need a health certification via a vet to enter areas of service specified by the institution.

Our goats for therapy

Here at RCR, we take the time to train and work with selectively chosen goats. We do this with the intent on making these goats visiting animals in settings such as senior care facilities, hospitals, hospices, schools, therapeutic practices, veteran organizations, rehabilitation centers, and special needs facilities. We start these goats from when they are born and bottle raise them so that they are human bonded. These goats are perfect for human companions. We put endless amount of time, care, and love in these selected goats so that their temperament and behavior will make them well suited to becoming part of a therapy animal team or a visiting animal to establishments in need.  These goats are conditioned and dehorned so that they are safe for anyone to handle.


The AAT goats are hand raised and human bonded due to the extended period of time put in these goats. These goats command a higher price than some of the other goats RCR offers. Prices of these goats run around $850 per goat.

If you a family with a special needs child, a veteran with therapy needs, a senior, or if you will provide animal-assisted therapy with your goat, we may discount the published price for a qualifying situation. If you fall into any of these cases, please contact us directly so that we may help you.

Benefits of therapy goats

Research indicates that interaction with therapy animals has many positive effects on one’s thoughts, behavior, and mood. This is because interaction with the goats can temporarily affect the release of neurotransmitters in the brain. In the studies it was observed that the levels of oxytocin (linked with bonding) and dopamine (involved in the reward-motivation system) are increased, while cortisol levels (an immunosuppressant associated with stress) are decreased. These effects are beneficial to patients and people in need of a mood boost or general happiness.


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