Parties, Groups, and Yoga



Royal Caliber Ranch LLC is ois now available to make goat appearances to parties and events.

We will bring all of the necessary goat items to make your day enjoyable including: friendly goats and baby goats (if available), bottles/feed to feed goats, small petting zoo pen, transportation, and floor tarp *if requested*. Our pen is 10' wide by 20' long. 

The pen can be reduced to 10' by 10' if requested.

We require a deposit ahead of time and ask that you research and know all of the restrictions before inquiring Royal Caliber Ranch LLC services for your event. Bookings need to be at least 3 weeks in advance.

If you have a question, please ask us!


  • Goat petting party: $175/half hour minimum. Minimum 1 hour. 
  • Delivery fees waived if within 20 miles radius of 77521 zip code.


Royal Caliber Ranch LLC is working on collaborating with different groups and organizations for field day parties and farm visits including: therapeutic sessions, senior citizen days, and painting with the goats. The activities involve small groups visiting the farm and enjoying what the goats have to offer- before committing to buying one.

We do allow guests to come see the goats with a small or large group appointment. These appointments are supervised and must be booked in advance.


  • Small groups (1-3) people start at $45 for an hour to pet, love on, and get goat therapy.
  • Large groups (4-12) people start at $80/hour to pet, love on, and get goat therapy.
  • Groups larger than 12 will need to book at the Inn next door for a formal party.

What we provide with these goat sessions:

  • Water bottles for guest, goat treats, goat cookies, & goat snacks.
  • What we ask guest to bring: cameras, boots, and clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.
  • Full blown goat therapy where you can pet, snuggle, and kiss away at the cute goats.


Have an interest in the hot new fad goat yoga? Royal Caliber Ranch LLC is developing a goat yoga program for yoga enthusiasts. If you are an independent yoga instructor and would like to explore options at Royal Caliber Ranch LLC, let us know! We are flexible and would love to blend fitness with peoples' curiosity about goats.